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Puerto Narino, Amazonas, Small Peacock Bass

Puerto Narino, Amazonas, Myself and transportation guide with small peacock bass and payara (dog fish)


Lifetime Member



"airfare not included"

September to November

"subject to dates available"

Leticia, Colombia (Puerto Narino)

 (minimum 2 people, max 8)

(2 to 4 persons per room)

contact us for package prices



Day 1 - Arrive in Bogota, Colombia and be met at airport for transportation to a luxury hotel  in Zona T or Parque 93. 


Day 2 - Early departure for Leticia via plane (not included in price) and then boat to Puerto Narino.  


Day 3,4,5- Fishing for Pacu, Payara, Peacock Bass, Arapaima, Giant Catfish, Giant Stingray and other varieties of fish.  Boat, guide, local transportation, lodging, meals and open bar included. Two persons to a boat including guide.


Day  6 - Return to Bogota for final night at luxury hotel.


Day 7 - Transportation to airport and adios.



All lodging in Bogota, Leticia and Puerto Narino, boats, guides, local transportation, "all meals and open bar in Puerto Narino only". 



Airfare to and from Bogota, Colombia and Leticia, Colombia, fishing rods/reels/tackle, tips, purchase of personal items such as souvenirs and other personal expenses..


NOTE: It is recommended to add medical insurance and have a yellow fever vaccination. "If you take medication it is recommended you bring extra as a precaution".  Changes can be made to schedule at your request.  Fishing equipment (rod and reel, lures) may be available but not guaranteed. 

One of many accommodations.  Housing on the river includes meals with your own private cook, open bar, hammocks for sleeping, "no" hot water and  if you are lucky a flushing toilet.  If you prefer we offer less adventurous lodging in town.  This will be what is available during that time frame.  It could be a hotel, hostel or guest house. 


NOTE:  There is no guarantee you will have hot water, air conditioning, cell phone service or wifi service in the area you will be at.

A beautiful peacock bass out of a lagoon near Puerto Narino


                              CLICK HERE

To see the species you will hopefully encounter.



Due to high operating costs we no longer offer trips to Cartagena.   

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