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"It's Party time" To all my AHAH Alumni friends I invite you.  In January 2019 I will be traveling to the Amazonas in Colombia for a seven to ten day excursion.  The purpose of the excursion is to explore and enjoy the areas where few dare to go.  Here are a few examples:


Cross the Amazon River into Peru to visit isolated native tribes

Have breakfast in Colombia, lunch in Brazil and dinner in Peru all in one day

Sleep on stands in the jungle if you like

Eat local and exotic foods  

Night hikes into the jungle to explore real jungle/tropical nature

Cane fish by day

Spear fish by night

Travel the Amazon by boat, dugout, canoe, and kayak - whatever is available

Observe, touch, and catch caiman and anaconda or whatever lurks within the jungle


For more information contact me here or through email.

PS:  Dates are not set in stone.  If there is a group who prefer a different month or date please advise.

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